How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

All brake pads are not created equal, and all drivers do not drive the same way. How fast brake pads wear down can vary widely.  However, on average, 50,000 miles is when brake pads need to be replaced. The low end for brake replacement comes from aggressive drivers or those who commute through heavy stop areas on a regular basis. If you are in this scenario, you may need to replace your brakes after only 25,000 miles. Safe drivers and those with smooth, highway commutes, though, can make their brakes last up to 70,000 miles. Wow! To get a reference point on how long your brake pads will last under ideal conditions, consult your vehicle's owner's manual.

Signs That It Is Time To Get Your Brake Pads Replaced

  • Your brake pads measure less than ¼ of an inch
  • Your brakes make a high pitched sound when using them
  • Your brakes make a grinding sound when using them
  • Your brakes make violent vibrations through your steering column
  • Your brake pedal is acting strangely (too mushy or too sensitive)

Resurface or Replace Your Rotors near Conneaut Lake, PA

Vehicle's rotors are generally made to outlive brake pads; however, this does not always happen. Rotors tend to wear down differently from your brake pads. Rotors suffer from what is referred to as "runout" problems, which is when the rotor wobbles as it rotates.  When this happens, there are only two options available to you: resurfacing and replacement. It is common in mechanic shops nowadays to replace the rotors on vehicles just to make sure that everything is in top shape because resurfacing does not always fix the problem.

Is It Time to Get Your Brake Pads Replaced?

When your brakes start to make a high-pitched sound, get your vehicle serviced by of one of our friendly, trained mechanics in our service center at Lake View! Be sure to check out our service specials to save some cash! We are conveniently located in Conneaut Lake, PA. Make sure to give us a call at 888-484-4503 with any questions!